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Hi There!


Welcome to my Home on the Web.


You can browse my site by clicking on the menu to the left, or by clicking on the links in the menu at the top. to the right you will find links to my many different sections on this site, the newest stuff is in the trips link where I post my pictures of the many places we travel around and stuff we do in the Jeep. Up top you will find links to both my home IP cam, which takes a snapshot random stuff in my driveway, links to other sites that I find usefull, and a link to the Carter County Webcam page that I built and deployed in our school system.


First let me introduce myself. My name is Scott Arrington, I am a 37 year old Network Administrator for the Carter County Tennessee School District, that is, I am the person who keeps the computers and computer related equipment running for all of our schools. I also assist in design, troubleshooting, and deployment of the Internet backbone system for our schools. Most days I will spend the majority of my workday in and around any one of our 15 Schools.


For my home time, I usually spend time working on this website or another, but I try and relax by customizing and toying around in my vehicles. My first love is cars. I currently have 7 vehicles and each has its own place. My 1979 Mercury was my first car that I bought on my own, it is currently awaiting a final bit of resto work that I plan on doing with my 10 yr old son when he gets a little bit older, then there is my 1985 Mustang which has been my show car since about '92 when I bought it bone stock. I also have my dads first car, a 1966 Chevelle SS 396 that he purchased in SC in '66 off of a show room turntable. from here I have my daily driven Jeeps(2) and my toy, a 1972 CJ5 Jeep that I hope to have back on the road soon, it has went all the way down to just a frame and I have built it back up, now I am almost done. lastly I have an old 86 Jeep flatbed truck that time willing I will be able to fix and sell. Well thats it in a nutshell for me. Again I hope you like my site and what I am always doing to it. Thanks for stopping by.