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2002 Honda Si


This was the last new car I ever owned for myself. I leased this Si and that was my mistake. I do not like leasing as it only helps out the dealer not good for the consumer. in the end I would have been better off renting a car for a year. although I loved this car, I was glad to be rid of the lease.

The pics I have arent of mine. I had so much work I was never able to find time to take any pictures which really was a shame. I loved the in dash shifter and this car was sharp.


My troubles all began with a seat that came apart, this was a 2 month issue where I had to wait for a regional guy to ok the replacement to thier bad part. one week after getting the car back, the radio would for some reason shut off and on for no reason, I took it back, they had the car for another week. I got it back and all seemed well for about a week, thats when the headlights would just shutoff at anytime and that sucked if it was dark and no streetlights. this was a 3 week adventure at the dealership, and here is where it went crazy.


I picked up my car on a Friday morning, I got about 10 miles from the dealership and the engine started jerking violently. I immediately called the dealer and they were closing early and I could bring it up on Monday to have them look at it. I did just that, when I got it there it wouldnt do the jerking thing and they told me no big deal must have been a glitch in the computer so I took it home. I had to go out of town 2 days later and I drove it about 100 miles round trip, when I pulled into the drive, it went to shaking again. this time I pulled out my video cam so I could show them in case it wouldnt do it when I got it there. sure enough it wouldnt do it there but I showed them the video, they again told me a computer glitch. the very next day it really got violent, I stopped what I was doing and drove it straight there and demanded they look at it, it shook and jerked just like it had been, they finally saw it. I thought it would be fixed no problem.

I get a call a week later from this service manager telling me its gonna cost me $1000 to fix it! I went off, he told me to come in and he would explain why. I did and he proceeded to tell me that the problem is a bent shift fork in the transmission and was caused by me, now I would have taken that except I never drove the car hard plus the fact it started when I picked it up from them! when asked would I know if I bent it, he said oh yeah you had to know because the car would have locked up and you would have known right away, basically he was calling me a liar and that I was drag racing it somewhere, in fact he told me "between you and me, we all run them too hard when they are a hotrod I dont care what you say". I told him he was full of it and no way was I paying for something in my mind they broke. well 2 days later he calls me and tells me reluctantly he will pay for half and Honda will pick up the other half, but it cant happen again. I told him no way it would because I just dont drive that way. after getting the car back, I drove it about 3 weeks before finding someone to trade it off to. the new car went to my wife in the form of her PT Cuiser. Glad to be done with Honda Leasing and Bill Gatton Honda of Bristol, yes I name names as I wish it would make a difference but more than likely won't.