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1984 Mustang GT







Here are some pics of my wifes old GT.



We bought the car right after we started dating because her car was totaled in an accident. When we found the car, it was a 4 speed manual and being that she couldn’t drive a stick shift, I had an idea. At the time my Mustang had the AOD auto tranny and I liked the idea of having a 4 speed, so I swapped the two out. Everything went great and she loved driving the car.

We painted the car her favorite color of Yellow and kept the GT striping. We never really showed the car but it did travel with us to the shows while showing mine.


Sad news was we had to sell the car later on to make room for the twins on the way. We figured it would be too hard to have car seats in the back of the car and keep the car in good shape. We sold the car and got a 4 door to accommodate to children.

Although I have tried I have not seen this car in about 6 years now. I knew roughly where it was but I think the guy we sold it to sold it again and now its out of the area because the yellow and black t-tops really stood out in a crowd of cars.