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1966 Chevelle Super Sport 396


This page is for my 66 SS Chevelle I am currently restoring. This is a work in progress and has been going on for some time now. I am the son of the original owner (Pictured to the left) so I am 2nd owner but still in the family. I have been working on the car on and off since 1992. The car has gone through a full body off resto.

Here the car is sitting at my dads house back in 93 right after I put the body back on the frame. I am in the process of scanning more pictures in and as soon as I have them they will be added


These are scans from 1966, these are the only old pictures I can find so far but I am looking through old photo albums and hope to have some more soon.


Currently the 396 BB Chev engine resides in my shop patiently awaiting the remount which I hope will be soon time and money allowing.