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2001 Civic EX


This page is dedicated to my 01 EX in red. I bought the car after trading in my CRV after running up the miles due to my job. the following is what I have put together for the site


The story goes like this, I bought this car after trading off my blue 2000 CRV. I got all wrapped up in a sales pitch by what I thought was a good manager and friend but turned out to be just trying to sell me a new car(stupid me I know). My CRV was at 80k in mileage and she told me there were many CRVs coming in with axle troubles after hitting 100k, I really took thought of this because I had ran up the miles on the CRV in just over 6 months time and at the tiem I figured I would hit that mark very soon. I looked into many different cars on the lot but decided on the red one because it fit me.

I did drive the wheels off of it the first few months, but then the dot com crash had gotten to the place I was employed and things got hairy. My company was downsized and I was let go along with many other great guy and gals. this left me with no job, a house, and a huge car payment. I worked though it though it was difficult at times. My new job was paying the bills but just barely so I looked into my options, I tried selling her outright for several months but no luck, after about owngin the car for a year, I decided to look into buying another on a lease program, it got me out of the high payment I was in and made life a little more liveable on my lower imcome.


Heres a few pics I had of the car that I wanted to share on the site.