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2000 Honda CRV EX


The following is some of the pictures I took while I owned my first brand new vehicle. It was a 2000 CRV Ex in blue.



I really loved this SUV because it was the first time I had ever bought a brand new vehicle and when I got it there was only 120 miles on the odometer.

I bought the CRV in early 2000 when my CRX was showing its age and I needed a reliable car for long trips. you see my job I had at the time was deploying broadband cable modem systems for most of the southeast. I know now broadband is alot more common but then it was cutting edge and the systems were problematic and needed constant attention, this is where I came in, I would drive to any of 6 states I covered and keep the gear in top notch condition. I drove so much that in a 6 month time period, I logged in 80,000 miles! This had an impact on me more than it did the CRV, I had a sales manager get to me telling me I would have problems out of the CRV after it hit 100k, so I bought her story and traded the CRV for my next new ride, which was the 01 Civic EX in red.


Anyways these are some of the pictures I took of it while I owned her.