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1985 Honda CRX


This was a fun and interesting car not only in looks but also in how I got to have this one. I bought the car from my ex and I really cant remember why, I am thinking it was because she needed money, but I just cant remember(funny how age does that to a person)

ANYWAYS, when I got it the car was red and had a few bad spots on it. I never realized that it had plastic fenders until I took them off. When I say plastic, I mean plastic, like toys are made of. This was new to me as I had only had larger American cars and even the little Chevy Spectrum I had had all metal fenders. Well, these were cracked and broken in places I could not fix. I tried finding parts only to find a whole car that was in my range so I bought it and used the two to make one.

When all the parts were together, I painted it white, the color went on perfectly and was glass smooth. Then I decided I wanted to show the car so I needed a theme, I went with the UT Volunteer football theme as I am a huge fan. I also dropped in 2 15” Atomic subwoofers, 2 8” Sony mids, 4 1/2 “ mids in the doors, and 1” tweeters on the dash, coupled with my Sony CD radio, it sounded awesome and really gave my Mustang a run for its sound system.

I showed the car several times and won about 3 trophies before trading the car in. at the time I was working for a company that had me drving all over the southeast and the high miles on the engine just wasn’t going to make it. In fact I was on my way into North Carolina and the car jumped and misfired, I changed the plugs and wires and it took care of the problem but I knew it would show again somewhere else since it had over 200k on the car.

I took it over to a Honda dealership and traded it for my 2000 CRV, so I went from a CRX to a CRV, not a bad exchange. I have wondered what ever happened to my UT car but I have not seen it since I traded it off.