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Meet The Family







Here you will see my family. We try to go on vacations whenever possible so many of the pictures in here are from vacation, however I do have a few pictures that were taken from just around the house


First you have me, I grew up in East Tn in the 70s and I thought we would start the page with me.

I know I have changed over the years. I went through a lot growing up but I always remember the fun I had growing up. After High School, I went out a bit and for a while grew out my hair.

Then you have me as I look today, just growing older and having a fun time raising a family.

Next is my wife Aimee, without whom life would be very dull.

Last but not in the least are the kids. Life is a blast with these guys. I hope to add many more pics as time goes on


To finish out I have places a couple family pics on the end of the page. I will be posting more