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My Hobbies

Ok you want to know my hobbies?!?!? get ready for a I have quite a few hahaha. Heres the list

  • Hot Wheels Diecast cars (I collect many of them, last count I had over 1000 still in the packages )
  • Building model cars ( Although I have not done one in a good while, I still like building models )
  • Nascar ( I have always been a Mark Martin fan and no I don't know where I will go when he retires )
  • College Football (Go Vols! My favorite team in the world )
  • Pro Football ( My all time favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, however I do pull for the Colts on occation for Peyton )
  • Computers ( You know it had to be here somewhere )
  • Cars! ( Did you think I missed it? )
  • Fishing ( Of course I love to fish, its just the fish that dont love for me to fish for them, they leave when I hit the lake )
  • Boating ( When I am not fishing, I just enjoy getting out there on the lake and taking in the scenery )
  • The Outdoors ( I just love my mountains of Tennessee. if you arent from here, you wouldnt understand)
  • Four Wheeling ( Absolutely every time I get the chance to hit a trail, I am all over it! )
  • Music ( Yes I still play my guitars when I can. I am no longer a singer in any band, but I leave that open )


That pretty much covers it. I have done many things in my life and collected a few hobbies along the way.