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1980 Chevy Monza


This was a short lived experience I had with a Chevy Monza. I got the car from a buddy of mine in need of some cash, I really liked the way it drove and the v6 was pretty strong. It had a 4 speed manual trans and the clutch was an upgrade so it would run real good on the open road

I never got to paint the car as I had many projects going at once at the time. I drove it to my relatives house one day and it overheated, this is where I found out it had a coolant leak. I waited for it to cool down, added some water(all I had) and went about my way. Like I said before I was in the middle of many projects so when I got it home, I forgot about adding the water. This was in late summer.

Sometime later we had a huge freeze hit the area and stayed over a few days, when things began to thaw, I notice something under the car, water mixed with oil! Upon inspection, to my horror I remembered the water and realized what had happened. I tried to start it but no luck. I then began the teardown to see what had broken, the entire center valley under the intake had cracked. I really wasn’t able to find a new block so I tried to patch things up with some JB weld(seriously!) and it did hold. I promptly sold the car and I haven’t seen it since.

Needless to say this experience taught me to have a couple bottles of mixed coolant at all times laying around,,, and I do too.