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1985 Mustang LX







This section is dedicated to my personal hotrod, a 1985 Ford Mustang fully customized with a Sanja body and 89-93 design. I bought this car for $800 from my old store manager where I worked back in 1990. it had been really taken care of and she wanted me to fix it into something wild. I believe I have achieved that. Heres the pictures she gave me to see it

This is my show car, I have won several shows with it including best of class at the 25th annual Mustang Clubs of America show at Meadowview Convention center in Kingsport TN. Currently it is overgoing a repaint and color change so I hope to reveal the new look soon. check back



This was the Mustang as it was when I bought it. I had it like this for about 3 years before it went into the tranformation process.



Here the car was just painted after all the long process of fitting and converting all the outside pieces from a 1993 LX onto the 85 main body



Ahh to remeber the gool ol' cruisin days of the early 90's. I took these in Bristol on the strip where every Friday night the strip would become packed with street rods and custom cars of all kinds. I havent been in years but I hear it has been killed somewhat due to some bad activity and being ran off my the PD.




Here is a could shots of the Mustang Clubs of America show at the Meadowview. this is where I took first in class.




Here is where I added the fiberglass hood to the car, oh yeah it also has a new 5.0 engine too I forgot to mention. I converted it from carb to fuel injection too. what a task that was!




This is the Sanja body I mentioned above. I got all this up and on back in 2000. then I had to move, twice, and it took a toll on my progress. well since then I have updated the interior to match the exterior and it is pretty much done.


Currently it is sanded and ready for paint, I have taken a long time to come up with the new look and I hope to finish it up very soon and post the new look here.


Update! as of Spring 2007 the car is on its final journey to be unvieled soon! I have but a few panels to wrap up before final assembly. Yes it is currently in pieces, I have taken it all down and done each peice separately so as to eliminate any tape lines and make the tranformation complete.

This time I have finally gotten the new look completed including the interior. I was able to find a full dash on interior from a donor 1993 GT. I hope to have both in progress and final pics up soon.