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1978 Chevy Nova


I have to put a tribute to this car. in actual fact it was not mine, it was my mothers car. I had to get it for her after totalling her 1976 Nova in a wierd rollover crash involving a gravel road and some fancy attept to correct a runaway skid. Her old car was a 4 door and although she did like this car, she would tell me I picked this one out because it was more "hot roddish". I must say this was a fine ride I drove around in many a friday night cruise.


I installed 350 closed chamber heads on the already cleaned and tuned 305 small block and it made a huge difference. I never clocked the car but it would drive the tires off her in a second.





Before we sold the car it was in need of paint. you couldn't tell from a distance but up close it was bad. I went and got a Porshe red color. I stripped the vinyl top and smoothed out the look by making it a single color instead of its original two tone.