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1972 Pinto


My first official car was a beat up 72 Pinto I found where I worked at a car dealership. it was one of those "push,pull, or drag" sales and someone literally dragged this thing onto the lot. $50 bucks later it was mine.


My first duty was to get it started and running. some idiot had mistakenly put a 2300cc starter on the 2000cc engine. needless to say it didnt work. After paying nearly $50 for a starter it was starting and running good.


This was about the time I decided to take it up the road and test it out. I got about 2 miles up the road and realized the brakes were gone! SO, I needed a brake master cylinder, another $50


Ok, it runs, it stops, but it looks like crap so I then painted it. I bought a cheap gallon of auto white enamel. not the dark off whit, the pure bright white like the police cars get. then I went a ran red pinstripes down the side and along the roofline. the car looked good and drove pretty fine.


I drove it about a month before I found just up the road what would become my canvas, the 79 Merc Bobcat. I had a friend who bought old Pintos and he agreed to buy it for $50 and tossed in a set of ralley wheels and louvers for my new Bobcat


I never had it long enough to take any pictures of the car, but it left its impression on me.