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When it comes to projects, Boy do I have em! I know sometimes I take on too much at a time and it takes a good while to get back on track.


To start I have my Mustang project that I have been reworking now for several years. The car was my show car for much of the 90s. After the kids were born I really didnt show or drive it much and the condition of the car went downhill. I started in early 2005 stripping the car down and getting it ready for a whole new look. I hope to finish this project very soon


My next project is my 72 Jeep. I bought the Jeep in 2004 and drove her for a while before retiring the old rusted out body for a new one. I was hoping it woulnt take long. the body work and framework only took me about 2 months, however, it was then I ran into issues requiring cash I didnt have. I have let the Jeep sit quietly in the drive awaiting the finishline. I recently acquired all the final stuff I need to finish her up. I just want to wrap up another project thats in pieces before I tear the Jeep back down


The longest project I have sitting in the drive is my 66 Chevelle. The car is my dads car he bought brand new in 66. I have been doing an entire restoration since 88, yes 1988. Time really isnt an issue here, its more a money thing. you see it takes quite a bit of cash on a restoration, and my budget doenst allow me to move very fast on this one. at last count I am about 80% complete. I hope to have paint and body done by the end of 2007. My goal is to have her ready for show in 2009. I think its a reasonable goal considering how long its take so far.


Ok, from, the car projects we move to the house. I bought the house we live in back in August 2001. I have been slowly trying to get the yard and house up to what I would like to do. In the end I will have a pool, a full privacy fence surrounding the house, a dog kennel for my dogs, and a 30x40 14ft ceiling garage. yeah that last part is gonna take me a while. But I do plan on finishing this soon.


My newest project is a website and book detailing the history of Carter County Schools and its buildings. you see I am very much a history buff and enjoy finding old and forgotten things that most people could care less about. I have been working on this project now for a month and I know its going to take some time to finish but in the end I guarantee it will be pretty neat.



The latest project is my son's Pinewood Derby racer. It was our first year of doing this so needless to say we were very green in how we went about everything. I was also been asked to join in the adult "unlimited" class. this project was lots of fun. I have always obviously been into the car scene and modeling so this came a bit as a natural that I enjoy this type of stuff. I put lots of pictures up as and here is the link. The 2008 Scouts Derby