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1986 Chevy Spectrum







Here was a funny little car that I got for a song and loved it.

Heres the story, I was driving my Bobcat and really wasn't interested in getting another car, I had 3 at the time. BUT, I had a friend who was the guitar player in a band I was in who had this car. He wrecked it and needed some money(funny how this these keeps coming up in my life haha) so I asked how much. He told me that he needed $50 and I could have the car if I would get him the cash. I did and brought this thing home.

Yes it was wrecked but I found it was all sheet metal damage and all the parts were easily replaceable. I found what was needed at a local parts yard and got it all for just under $100. So at this point I had $150 in the car and it looked like new, even the replaced parts were the same shade of gray and matched perfectly. The little car got almost 30mpg so I started driving it to work.

Well, one day while I was driving home I decided to put a for sale sign in the car just to see if I got any interest. I was stopped by this guy one day who said he need a car for his girlfriend and wanted to have her see it. I told him ok and they met me at my home. Now keep in mind this was back in '91 and the car was only 5 years old. When they asked the price I wanted, I told them $2400 just to open with and figured they would either not want it for that or would counter-offer me with a lower price, but they just said that was great as they were expecting I wanted more!

SO to recap, I had just over $150 in a car I drove for about 5 months, and I sold her for $2400. I thought I made a pretty good profit and promptly went and got my 4x4 Bronco that I wanted but otherwise couldn't afford to buy. In all it was a good profit for a small amount of work.