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I have worked since 2004 for the Carter County School system in Tennessee,

My title is Network Administrator, but I do a lot more than sit around all day staring at a screen. There are only 2 individuals who keep up the 2,500 or so PCs that make up the system. we are out at a school everyday, even during the summer months. I love the job as it gives me a great feeling knowing that I have an impact on the tools needed to teach the children of our county the important skills they need to succeed in life

When I started at the system we had a little over 1,500 PCs and about 6 servers. at last count I showed over 2,500 PCs and 28 servers. we have at least 1 server in each school and a few have multiple servers. these take a good amount of my time in upkeep and upgrades. I run 5 servers at our district headquarters which control our district-wide programs that all of our students use, our Antivirus and Antispyware for our system, and our Webpages that house all of the teacher made pages in our system.

I have a great working relationship with the people I work with and would not trade it for anything. I feel lucky that I can say I love what I do, not many can say that and mean it.