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1994 Jeep Wrangler


This section will be for my 94 YJ. Its my daily driver and slight wheeler. I got it for a great deal by trading in my old Bronco II and some $$$. well worth it. This Jeep is with me everyday and I love adding stuff to it and figuring out new things to do with it.


Here it is the day I brought it from the dealer. from the photos you can see the top was sagging and overall the Jeep was in unkept shape.


This was a few days after I got it when I had a sunny day to get a few shots in the front yard.


First thing I did was find a better top than the Supertop style one that was on the Jeep. I found a partial factory style top that I liked from the local paper but it was missing the back windows, But under the back seat was a set of back windows for the newer top, only problem was they were black and the top was gray. no biggy since I planned on buying a new top later so I put it all on and went wheelin' in the thing



Ok, I had enough of the 2 tone style so I finally was able to get a new top, I went for the Sailsloth style top for noise and it works great keeping out the noise and cold. But I do want to find a hardtop down the road



OK, the first mod! I went to the LED lights in the back and ran LEDs for my tag light. took me some time to find all the parts but the list went like this. I got the lights from a seller on eBay for like $30 shipped, I then got some wiring from a local truck stop to wire it all together. the final piece was the chrome bezel surrounding the lights, these came from a truck shop in San Diego Cal where a truck driving friend of mine picked up the set on one of his routes



The taglights were from Autozone at $7 for the pair, I took a pair of PC slot covers to make the mounts, they worked real well, but they rusted off the circuit boards, I had no idea they werent sealed, so since these pics were taken I have a new set made by "Lite-N-Boltz" they work great as they are just the bolts for the tag with cutouts in the side for the light to shine through, and they are sealed so I hope to not have to replace them anytime soon.




Next on the list was a console and storage. not to mention a unique set of rear speakers. I used ammo cans all around. I used a large 7.62MM can for my center console, I hacked off the side support braces to save space, used a carrier bolt in the back to hold the top on and makeshift a hinge. I then turned to a 20MM can for holding my bungees,tow straps, and cargo tie downs. I used 2 50cal side open cans for blankets and 2 50cal end openers for my speaker boxes holding a pair of 5x7s, I wanted to go 6x9 but the boxes were too small and I didnt want to have a huge box on the fenderwells. so this is it for now.



I wanted to upgrade the bumpers next. I used a piece of 2x4 steel for the rear bumper, I would like to add a swing out carrier later on but thats another project.




Next Idea I have is going to a half top style using a trio of bikini, windbreaker, and tonneau. I got this black Bestop set by buying it through the forum.


(Pics are coming)

OK, front bumper is next. I started my idea on something I grew up with, a good strong brush guard, and I definitly wanted a winch mount. so I drew up some plans and started the task of getting material needed to have it made. The guys over at the shop were great and did an absolute perfect weld job on the bumper, I used as much factory pieces as I could while increasing strength and useable appeal. I still have the tow hooks on but they are close to the sides of the brush guard so they dont et used much. I will probobly remove them down the road for matching "D" shackles I put in the rear. My original idea of having the light inside the opening in the middle died due to size constraints so I moved them to the outside position and they work well there


(Pics are coming)

Something I gave little mention to but did mod up was my accesories holder made from 1/8 plate covered in velcro, yes velcro! I was in real need for space on my dash and hated my phone falling off the top while I was riding. so I came up with this simple yet effective idea. I used a piece of 1/8 plate because it was A: light and B: stiff so as to hold my stuff, I put a piece of velcro on the windshield as a "key" to hold it in place, then I cutout an area that raises inside the rubber surround area to keep it inserted as far as possible and keep it from sliding side to side. it has been on for a good while now and it holds my newest creation, an old HP 1100 tablet used for my bluetooth GPS system. It holds up even on the roughest terrain. I would love to sell plans for it but YJs are getting older and no one wants an idea thats just for YJs. Oh well, mbe something else will be my 5 seconds of fame :)


(Pics are coming)

Another small noted thing I did that was great was the fixing of the seats. I always liked those rugged saddle blanket style seat covers you see in pickup trucks, only problem was the ones for bucket seats had this flimsy cloth for a back side so they tore easily. fortuneatly I found a site,, that filled this need and let me tell you I am one well satisfied customer. they look just as new today as the day I put them on.


(Pics are coming)

Now back to bigger things, I finally got a hard top, its off a CJ but its a good hard top. I sanded it down as it looked like it had been dragged down the street and then I painted it with a charcoal gray color that matched the summer look of black on gray. The it was off for doors, I found a set from a CJ in South Carolina for a good price and brought them home. I used the set for the first time in Oct 07 and it all works great. I had to modify the rear door a bit because a CJ has a tailgate while a YJ has a door. the rear window ist done quite yet, I plan on next year finishing up the lower half by fiberglassing it all in and replacing the old rusted up latch with something that will hold it shut well. For now it holds shut with the rear tire pressing a rubber ball up against it. Hey it works, don't knock it. :)


I have always had an issue with the exhaust on this Jeep. it had been bent and bounced on from rough wheeling. it also had no Cat converter and a series 40 Flowmaster muffler which by itself was pretty loud. I replaced the muffler when I bought it but kept the Flowmaster which would turn out to be a stroke of luck later on as my muffler I bought fell apart inside. When this happened I decided to have a high flow Cat installed and reinstalled the Flowmaster. it all works great and has a great sound.